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  • Duration: 12 h
  • Recommended schedule: 08h00-20h00

(We have flexibility in schedules and itineraries)

  • Departures and arrivals:  hotel, home or close to your ship, if you arrive on a cruise


Adapted vehicles with easy access for seniors and wheelchair users


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  Full Day
2 Pax 540€
3 Pax 590€
4 Pax 640€
5 Pax 690€
6 Pax 740€
7 Pax 790€
8 Pax 840€
9 Pax on request


  • Personal accident insurance
  • Service of a guide and driver
  • Fuel, parking fees and all taxes
  • Customer collection and drop-off wherever you’re staying
  • Monument entrances


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About this Tour

In this Tour you will enjoy the artistic values of a rich heritage, linked to the history of the country, considered to be of public interest and various monuments classified by UNESCO as world heritage.

Óbidos Village

Óbidos, extraordinary medieval village distinguished as world heritage by UNESCO. Walking through Óbidos, surrounded by walls and battlements, little churches and temples, is traveling in history. After visiting it´s most important historical places, strolling through its streets, you can still enjoy local crafts and drink the famous liquor, ginjinha de Óbidos.

Nazaré Village

Nazareth is a place of delicious fresh fish and giant waves which are considered the best in the world for surfing. From its natural viewpoints, whether strolling through the village, it´s possible to see the extraordinary beauty of the coastline, the sand, the rocks beaten by the sea, and the white houses.

Alcobaça Monastery

Founded in 1153 on land donated by our first king to Bernard of Clairvaux, in fulfillment of a promise by the victory against the Moors, is one of the most prestigious monasteries in medieval Europe and the largest Gothic style in Portugal and has been classified by UNESCO as World Heritage.

Batalha Monastery

Warrant build in 1388 by King John I, in fulfillment of the promise made to the Virgin Mary, where Portugal defeated Spain in Aljubarrota battle. Built over two centuries, is a jewel of gothic flaming or late and Manueline architecture.
Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima.

Our Lady Fátima Sanctuary

The place where, in May 13, 1917, the three shepherd, Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta had experienced the apparition of Our Lady, the Virgin Mary. Since then Fatima is a place of intense devotion and pilgrimage, especially on the 13th of each month and particularly in the months of May and October. More than 5 million pilgrims from around the world flock each year to the Shrine of Fatima, which was visited by Pope John Paul II in the years of 1982, 1991 and 2000 and more recently, in 2010, Pope Benedict XVI.



– Óbidos Village

– Nazaré Village

– Beaches

– “Sitío” Viewpoint

– Nazaré biggest waves viewpoint

– Sanctuary of Fátima

– Santíssima Trindade Basilic

– Chapel of Apparitions

– Basilica of Our Lady of Fátima

– Alcobaça Monastery

– Batalha Monastery


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